About us

With our studio & office located conveniently at Cabramatta, Sydney, we pride ourselves on bringing the One-Stop-Shop for all wedding services.

Our services include:

  • All type of event decoration: Wedding, Birthday, Opening Ceremony, Tea Ceremony, Christening, baby shower, bridal shower, bachelorette party….
  • Bridal Dress: Vietnamese Ao Dai, Bridal couture dress….
  • Florist: wedding bouquet, photo booth, flower arches, flower signing tables, guest tables….

Especially, in terms of wedding dresses, we commit to provide brides with access to the latest bridal fashion in one location. Our handpicked selection of acclaimed designers create wedding dresses that reflect the diversity and uniqueness of the modern bride.

Thanh Hà

(CEO Elisa Wedding)
With the desire to experience a dream wedding for Asian brides in general and Vietnamese brides in particular in Australia, CEO Thanh Ha, graduated with a degree in Marketing from Australian Pacific College had founded Elisa Wedding, a company specializing in wedding services.

Established in 2016, Elisa Wedding initially operated as a family model with a small studio. After 3 years of operation with the continuous efforts of Thanh Ha and her team. Elisa Wedding is more and more mature and develops at a remarkable speed.

  • Elisa Wedding is a frequent sponsor of events organized by VSA (Vietnamese Student Australia) and VCAY (Vietnamese Community in Australia Youth) of the Vietnamese community in Australia.
  • CEO Thanh Ha has also played the role of a judge for the Miss Vietnam World Australia 2019 beauty contest.
  • Elisa Wedding has been one of the five-star nominated and influential brands in the FairField Business Award business community for many years.

With Thanh Hà’s vision, Elisa Wedding has been standardized with many professional services starting at the end of 2019. In which, Elisa Bridal Couture was born with the desire to create high-class wedding dresses, which was inspired by Haute Couture spirit, appearing in dream weddings performed by Elisa Wedding. With their improvements and aspirations, Elisa Wedding and Elisa Bridal Couture promise to create sustainable values, accompany with a special mission on the journey to conquer and develop the wedding industry  in Australia.

Tri Tran

(Creative Director Elisa Wedding)

Tri Tran is one of the young but experienced makeup artists with more than 8 years working in the makeup industry. He has graduated from many makeup specialised schools in many countries:

  • Graduated from the make up course at Korean MBC Academy.
  • Graduated from the special make up course at Jung Saem Mool Art & Academy, Korea.
  • Currently pursuing Master Makeup certification in Sydney, Australia.
  • He owns two brands: Tri Tran Makeup House training school and wedding dress brand Tri Tran Bridal House in Vietnam.
  • He has been accompanied by many famous artists in Vietnam.
  • Being a makeup artist associated with the name of Miss Vietnam.
  • Being a companion to the top fashion shows and pageants in Vietnam
  • Being a companion to the hottest reality TV shows in Vietnam today.

Tri Tran possesses an honest makeup style that respects the unique features of each person. Along with the ability to diversify his makeup with professionalism and experience, Tri Tran has become an important piece for the creative development of the Elisa Wedding brand. He also shook hands with CEO Thanh Ha to create the brand Elisa Bridal Couture, a brand that understands the psychology and physique of Asian women as well as offers the most perfect wedding services in Australia.

Ta Anh Tung

(Pre wedding Photographer)

With more than 19 years of experience in the photography industry, Ta Anh Tung is a name that has received a lot of trust and is accompanied by many
famous artists and leading brands in Vietnam.
● Having worked with famous film producers, the pictures he takes are always full of emotions like slow movies.
● Formerly an assistant to the famous Photographer Sobun Tsukikawa with over 60 years of photography experience in New York and Tokyo. (He
is a student of photographer Irving Penn- Top 10 most influential fashion & portrait photographers in the World, and Vogue International)
● Participated in producing many posters for the top movies and game shows in Vietnam.
With his serene quality and great observant mind, he has blown his soul and affection into the simple pictures. And with the harmony in artistic
thinking, Tung and Elisa Wedding team have cooperated in many artistic wedding photography projects for clients. The cooperation with Mr. Ta Anh
Tung will help Elisa Wedding bring to her customers special and emotional wedding photos.

Ann Đoàn

(Studio Photographer Elisa Wedding)

Referring to studio photography, in the past 3 years, Ann Doan is a name that has created a reputation and familiarity in this industry in Australia.

  • Ann Doan is known and increasingly famous in the field of portrait photography for babies and pregnant mothers and family photos in the Studio.
  • She is the third heiress of Pham Khang Studio
  • 7 years of working experience at Pham Khang Studio and more than 4 years specializing in infant and pregnant photography in Australia.
  • A student of International photographer Jean Mill
  • Won a Silver prize at The Rise International Photography Award

She herself is a gentle and sensitive woman with simple beauty from life, Ann Doan has brought soul into every photo she took in her studio. Her shooting style is always towards lightness, sophistication, youth and elegance. Especially in the studio photos she takes, we easily recognize the emotional element, and character beauty is the focus of any photo set.

With her extensive knowledge of art photography, Ann Doan will be an important factor in creating many memorable collages not only for couples but also for mothers and babies when they come to  Elisa Wedding.

Daniel Trương

(Video Pre-wedding Elisa Wedding)

Overcoming the weaknesses of traditional filming, wedding cameraman Daniel Truong will focus on capturing the most valuable “golden” moments and focusing on the most natural emotions of the subject. To capture the impressive but natural moments of the subject.

Although Daniel Truong is very young, he has many years of professional video experience in Australia. The videos that he made always show the perfection in every corner.

With his experience and enthusiasm, Daniel Truong will surely bring to Elisa Bridal Couture’s customers unforgettable movies, capturing every wonderful moment on their big days.